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So what if I’m an arrogant playboy?
It’s not like I chained that sweet, innocent woman up against the wall of my apartment myself.
My team did, their gift to me.
After all, I’m now officially the leader of The Business, or known to innocent outsiders as The Donnelly Corporation.
So what if everyone thinks I’m a villain? I’m Logan Donnelly and I always get what I want.

**A fast-moving ride with romance and suspense. It features a dominant, socially awkward dirty talker and an innocent heroine with a brave temperament and a French touch. There’s a dark hint of violence and passion where, under the sweet umbrella of love, two people find each other. 


Nothing with Lola Malone is what it seems. Although it’s true that she loves writing dark romance and good wine, but when you read her books, don’t be fooled… her men are naughty and hot, shy and determined, and her plots twist and turn. But when you think you’ve seen it all? You haven’t. Lola creates stories in a unique world that’s filled with culture, art, fashion and gorgeous men.

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